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Zagaz Pvt Ltd is a company focusing on the next generation applications of Blockchain Technology. We have built an ingenious blockchain platform, which carters’ industries like, cross border money transfer, health industry, Identity Management, Education Sector, Art & Other Valuables, Gaming industry and many more with an aim of reinventing business with blockchain technology. Based out of Bangalore, INDIA, we have zaGaz Blockchain platform, architected with the idea of creating a solution that can handle any business logic in a segregated, Identity centric and a scalable fashion. Our Platform is a decentralized yet permissioned chain to address security, identity and role definition concerns. Permissioned blockchain enable us to control the read, access, and write information on them. The intrinsic configuration of such blockchains controls the participants' transactions and defines the roles in which each participant can access and contribute to the blockchain.

We, the Zagaz family strongly believe in individual growth and follow a straight pattern of development.



Zagaz blockchain is one of its kind which gives the true identity assigned to the users of the blockchain. The Zagaz Identity Engine enables the users to have access to the decentralised, cryptographically secured blockchain infrastructure. The zaGaz architecture based ecosystem that is identity centric.



The remittance service business is expected to be at $800 Billion industry by the end of 2019, as per the estimates of the world bank. All the industry players use the age-old technologies and traditional mode of business, which is relatively slow and also will lead to huge charges; primarily the transaction charges consist of service charges along with currency conversation charges. Typically, They charge USD $10 fixed service averagely as well forex margin, which is very from 3% to 10% depends on various geographics. As per the research, the total charges have been reducing from 14% to 6% in recent time. Even Newcomer Fintech business also total charges around 4% on the transactions. Eventually, the banks have been taking days to transfer the money to receiver accounts. The money gets transferred from domestic country to a foreign country with the help of Nostro Account which eventually leads to additional charges at each stage. So, no wonder why, all Money Transfer Operator's transfer has become the major market holder across the globe.

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Blockchain as a service (Baas)

Zagaz is an Innovative Blockchain Technology Platform Company formed to provide blockchain powered applications in the financial and non-financial technology landscape. In the financial landscape, zaGaz intends to transform the Remittance Industry (B2C) by providing Customers, the frictionless experience of cross border payments at low cost, high speed and excellent reliability. In the non –financial landscape zaGaz intends to provide blockchain as a service(B2B) for Non-Financial services like Gaming, Healthcare, Pharma, Tokenizing Art, and Supply Chain Management wherein it sets up all the necessary “blockchain technology and infrastructure” for a customer for a fee. A client pays zaGaz to set up and maintain blockchain connected nodes on their behalf. Zagaz handles the complex back-end for the client and their business. As a BAAS operator, Zagaz takes care of keeping all the important blockchain-related artifacts and keeps the infrastructure up and running. It also includes support activities like bandwidth management, suitable allocation of resources, hosting requirements, and provides security features like the prevention of hacking attempts. By using a BaaS model, the client can now focus on their core job – the functionality of their blockchain – instead of worrying about infrastructure and performance related issues.

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Behind The Story

They say everything happens when its meant to happen. Such is the founding story of Zagaz blockchain Platform. We were in abroad when the ideation of zaGaz happened. Ajesh Mani was in the UK and Sanjay Rathod was running a business in Sultanate of Oman and UAE. We had been always discussing various business ideas, which has business feasibility as well as social impact. Over a period of 10 years of friendship and discussing around 8 unique business ideas, zaGaz Private Limited was the one that we could envision of making a lasting impact & Providing next generation technology to the world along with huge social impact forever.


Zagaz team consists of rich experience and diversified entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur who has been seasoned business players with a decade of business experience and alumnus of the premium business school. The entrepreneurs who have handle cross border business. All of the founders have stayed in abroad and works for the famous company worldwide before starting up the business. Zagaz has strong support from the advisory board. The Advisor Board consist of the most famous names in the specific expert field, handle business at leadership role, achieve the mastery in their respective field. The founders have been guided well by the master of the respective field. Lastly, the team has been associated with legal firm across the globe to ensure compliance and legal guidelines.

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